PUSH PREP 101: Top 3 Tips to Ditch the Fear and Push Like a Pro!

Learn what to REALLY expect during pushing and delivery (including my proven system to prevent tearing), so you can leave fear at the doorstep, and give birth confidently!

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Hey! It’s Dr. Marcy Crouch, board-certified women’s health physical therapist and pelvic floor expert! 


This workshop is for all pregnant women! This is for YOU...

  • If you’re pregnant and feel like your nursery is on fleek but no one is preparing YOU for the birth
  • If you’re wondering what you can do to avoid vaginal tearing or muscle trauma during birth (and other pelvic floor issues)
  • If you’re pregnant and unsure of what questions to even ask your doctor about childbirth
  • If you’re interested in learning how to greatly reduce your recovery time with a proven system that just takes 5 minutes a day while you’re pregnant
  • If you want to learn HOW to push and what positions will make your birth smoother, decrease pain, and prevent injury

If you want to leave your birth saying “hell yeah that was awesome, I rocked it!” instead of “I was so afraid and my vagina is broken” — You need to join us for this webinar!


Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Dr. Marcy’s proven system of “The 3Ps,” which reduce the risk of perineal tearing and trauma

    • Perineal Massage: How to do it properly to reduce your risk of tearing, why it’s important, and when to start
    • Push Practice: Learn different positions you can push in (with or without an epidural) to make for an easier, more comfortable birth experience
    • Practice Like You Play: Learn how to combine push practice and perineal massage into quick and easy at-home sessions so you have experience pushing BEFORE going into labor

  • Questions to ask your provider BEFORE labor so that you aren’t blind-sided or making fear-based decisions during labor (PDF download included)
  • A special bonus: The PostPartum Poop — How to protect your pelvic floor, decrease pain, and avoid injury when you do the doo


Stick around for the Q&A at the end and add your own questions to the mix — nothing is TMI!

You can ask me anything.



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Dr. Marcy Crouch

Marcy received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2010. She then completed a Women’s Health Residency program in Dallas, TX where she focused on all aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy, and postpartum musculoskeletal issues. She then obtained her WCS, which identifies her as Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy.  She's helped hundreds of mothers in her in-person clinic in Alabama as well as in her signature online program "Down There Down Right".  


Hear what other moms are saying after taking my courses and online classes:

“Hell yeah! No tearing during labor/delivery! I felt prepared for labor and confident to advocate for side lying pushing vs on my back.”

“I was feeling some anxiety about delivery…now I feel more confident that my body will be prepared and even if complications arise I will be able to find a way to manage and restore my body.”

“Before the program I was feeling nervous and scared about what might happen to my body after having another baby. After, I felt more confident in my body and its ability to heal well and quickly after giving birth.

“It gave me the confidence and the words to advocate for what I wanted during my delivery including the best positions for pushing for your pelvic floor.”